PopTop Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper - Red

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Colour: Red

Size: Approx 17-17.9cm

Material: Silicone

Product Include: 1 x Microwave Silicone Popcorn Popper

Product Description:

(1) the use of food grade silicone material, and through the Fda and Lfgb certification.

(2) can withstand the temperature range: -40 230 degrees Celsius.

(3) tasteless, non-toxic, dust resistant, durable, impermeable, easy to clean.

(4) Safe in the oven, microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator.

(5) easy to handle.

Silicone Features:

1,100 food grade silicone, does not contain any toxic substances to the human body, to meet the Rohs, Sgs and Fda environmental requirements certification.

2, easy to clean, reusable, long life (generally up to 10 years).

3, non-slip, shock, impermeable water, heat, not aging, easy to fade.

4, temperature range: -40 230 degrees Celsius.

Baking, frozen still remain soft without deformation.

5, soft texture, compressibility, high elasticity, tear-resistant, flexible and strong.

6, high thermal conductivity, food stereotypes easy, easy to mold and easy to deformation.

7, natural sticky, no additional surface adhesive added.

Maintenance methods:

1, silicone mold products, please complete the use of timely cleaning.

2, after the mold out of the oven should not immediately rinse with cold water to extend the service life.

3, with hot water with diluted food detergent cleaning, or into the dishwasher cleaning.

4, do not use a clean detergent or


5, to ensure that the silicone mold before and after each use and have been completely dry before storage.

6, baking silicone mold should be placed separately on the flat baking pan.

Do not let the mold dry baked, such as a six-mode, you only filled with three models, the other three empty mold, please install the water.

7, when the baking is completed, please remove the entire baking pan from the oven and place the baked product on the grid to be cooled until it is completely cold.

8, cake silicone mold, chocolate silicone mold, ice grid silicone mold can only be used for oven, oven and microwave oven, must not be used directly on the gas or electricity, or directly above the heating plate or barbecue Used below.

9, do not use sharp objects in the silicone mold on the scratch, do not pull the violence.

10, silica gel mold electrostatic relationship is easy to absorb dust, do not use for a long time, please use the carton storage, placed in a cool place.

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