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Chef Rimer Microwave Popcorn Popper Sturdy Convenient Handles Healthy No Oil Silicone Blue Collapsible Hot Air Movie Theater Aroma Great Popcorn Maker Machine Bowl. Bpa Pvc Free With Lid

High Quality Efficient Bowl - We manufacture containers that spread the heat evenly, so you will get crisp, crunchy popcorn with no burnt kernels, and with very few if any unpopped kernels.

Convenient Handles - The container has two comfortable built in handles on the sides, so it will be more convenient for you to take the bucket out of the microwave

Big Size Bowl For True Popcorn Lovers - Why not share some tasty popcorn with friends and family With our popcorn maker you can pop a huge bowlful of delicious fluffy popcorn at one time

Collapsible For Easy Storage - If you are short in space then you will simply love the bucket convenient collapsible design

100 Lifetime Guarantee - If, for whatever reason you dont love our popcorn maker - we will fully refund every cent

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Popcorn Popper for Food Lovers Each of our bowls is collapsible and comes with convenient handles Do you Love to eat popcorn but dont like the popcorn makers that burn your popcorn Are you sick and tired of low quality microwave popcorn poppers that leave you with unpopped kernels Are you looking for the best popcorn maker which is highly durable but still inexpensive Introducing Your Very Own Chef Rimer Popcorn Maker to the Rescue Our huge bowls are extremely high quality so your popcorn will not get burned while it is in the microwave The containers cook the corns evenly so you will be left with very few if any unpopped kernels The buckets also come with builtin comfortable handles so you will be able to easily remove the bowl from the microwave The bucket is also super easy to use Notice You should put a quarter cup of kernels to get a full container of popcorn yet the result may be different depending on your microwave power and the size of kernels you use Heating time can vary depending on your microwave power It will be best to start with 2 minutes of heating and increase the intervals according to your results On the day of delivery You will receive two PDFs via the messaging system A guide on how to use the popcorn maker and a popcorn recipes eBook You are backed with a lifetime warranty Instructions 1 Remove the bowl lid2 Pour your popcorn kernels3 Add salt according to your taste4 Drop the lid5 Put the bowl inside the microwave6 Set the microwave to 2 4 minutes depends on the microwave power7 The popcorn will be ready when you hear pauses between the pops When this happens take the bowl out of the microwave

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