Popcorn Popper by Chrystobel, Healthy in Microwave for Two Minutes, Hot Air.

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Popcorn Popper by Chrystobel, Healthy in Microwave for Two Minutes, Hot Air Silicone Maker, Easy and Fast Snack the Best Quality, Bowl Plus Bonus Spatula

Product Details

Product Dimensions: 10 x 7.5 x 2 inches

Item Weight: 9.3 ounces

Shipping Weight: 13.1 ounces

Manufacturer: Chrystobel

Healthy Popcorn At Home: Dont waste your money on a package of popcorn, which are filled with unknown additives and flavorings. Make popcorn easily by yourself added your favorite ingredients and be assured of its quality. Get delicious and healthy snack for all the family with Chrystobel popcorn popper right now!

Very Quick And Easy: Now, making tasty popcorn for the movie night wont be a difficult task. Just take 50-100 grams of corn kernels and put into a microwave popcorn popper, add a little bit of butter, salt or sugar. Put the popcorn bowl in the microwave for 2-4 minutes. Tasty, healthy popcorn without any undisclosed kernels. After a good time with a bowl of popcorn, wash it easily in water, its also safe for a dishwasher machine too. Pop time can vary depending on your microwave power.

Convenient Design: The popcorn popper for microwave has a convenient design and a stable bottom. You do not need to pour the popcorn out of the bag after cooking. In this bowl you cook popcorn and then take it to your friends. In addition to popcorn bowl there is also a top, which protect your microwave from grease. Our popcorn bowl also has a comfortable non-slipped handles on the sides to reduce the risk of burning your hands during the taking out your popcorn from the microwave. Be careful!

Super Compact: Our popcorn maker is created by using a unique technology. Due to the elastic material, it's takes up no more space than an ordinary plate. Collapse our popcorn bowl to a tiny size and save some place for another culinary tool.

High Quality And Bonuses: Our popcorn bowl is made of high quality silicone material, its completely non-toxic. This popper will serve you for many years, because its impossible to break, it doesnt crack from extremes of temperature (its able to resist almost 240 C) and does not melt under the influence of microwaves. You will also get a kitchen spatula as a bonus gift for stirring the popcorn and getting the full rich flavor.

Tired of spending money on packaging with popcorn that contains unknown additives and preservatives Popcorn from store is not disclosed fully and butter is not uniformly mixed with the popcorn Want to connect popcorn with your favorite flavor and create an original snackPopcorn popper by Chrystobel will help you to prepare the perfect popcorn in your home for just a couple of minutes. Absolutely healthy popcorn for you and your family. It will give you a fully disclosed kernels and uniform distribution of butter, salt and sugar around the popcorn. Make an experiment by adding your favorite ingredients: pieces of chocolate or cocoa, vanilla, paprika or cheese powder. Our popcorn popper its original snack for movie watching or party. Our popcorn bowl is made from 100 silicone. We use elastic and non-toxic material. Its able to resist 464 F (240 C). The shape of our popcorn bowl helps to make perfectly cooked popcorn. The special top will save your microwave from dirty splashes unlike packages of popcorn from the store. There are also special markers on the bowl's side. Put 50 grams of corn kernels to A-marker and 100 grams for B-marker. You wont burn your hand taking a bowl out of the microwave thanks to non-slipped handles on the sides of the popcorn bowl which can reduce temperature a little bit. We are trying to provide our customers with the best services and we also have a gift for you - the kitchen spatula for your culinary masterpieces!

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