Okay Popcorn Poppers 8-Cup Microwave Corn Popper Popcorn Maker Fast shipping

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Okay 8-Cup Microwave Corn Popper Popcorn Maker

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Make your own batch of popcorn right at home with all the fun and no fuss OKAYs popcorn maker comes with a builtin butter well that allows the butter to ooze down as the popcorn cooks to coat it in buttery goodness 8 cups of popcorn can be made in just 4 minutes and then topped off at the end with any desired seasonings Microwave and dishwasher safe this popcorn maker is easy to clean Great for parties movie nights and gatherings so make as many batches as you want for family and friends Or have it all to yourself which is ok too Follow the steps below for a delicious snack 1 Pour up to 5 tablespoons of popcorn kernels into the bowl nearly filling the pocket 2 Put cover on add butter into the builtin butter compartment if desired 3 Place Popcorn Maker in the microwave in a medium high power level 4 Set time to 4 to 512 minutes 5 Carefully remove from oven at the end of cooking time or when popping stops whichever occurs first 6 Salt and other seasonings can be added after popping After adding place lid back on base and shake for about 20 seconds until butter and salt are dispersed evenly You may snack directly from the popper or fill individual bowls Additional new batches should be made in a clean base and with new kernels


Makes up to 8 cups of buttered or unbuttered popcorn in just 4 minutes built-in butter well

A healthier alternative to prepackaged popcorn bags and easy to use

Eat straight from the bowl or pour out the popcorn to share with others

7.7 inches in diameter by 5.7 inches in height

Microwave and dishwasher safe



0 inch.

0 lbs.

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7.7 inch.

0.62 lbs.

7.7 inch.

6.1 inch.

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