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Mr. &Mrs. Kitchen Silicone Popcorn Maker - The Best Microwave Popcorn Popper with Lid (Red) - 100 Quality Food Grade Silicone, Bpa Pvc Free - Cook Healthy Popcorn - Free Set of Coasters for Cups

The Most Effective Construction. In our silicone microwave popcorn maker, the warmth spreads evenly, that's why the corn doesn't burn and kernels that didn't open are almost absent.

Healthy. Sturdy, high-quality food-grade silicone which is used in our popcorn maker for microwaves is 100 Bpa Pvc Free and is absolutely safe for your health. Mr. & Mrs. Kitchen silicone popcorn maker microwave lets you make healthy, tasty snacks for parties or movie watching without using oil. If you want, you can use salt, other spices or butter for cooking sweet and salty or buttery delicious healthy popcorn.

Easy To Use. Put the corn in the silicone popcorn maker up to the mark (a line, drawn inside) and close the lid. Don't press the corn with the lid, just let it go inside the cup. Now put the bowl popcorn maker in a microwave for 2 - 2.5 minutes. After using a hot-air popcorn maker, you only have to wash in by hand or in a dishwasher.

The Most Comfortable Storage. Our silicone microwave popcorn maker has a foldable cup - this construction allows for the easiest and compact storage. You can use any shelf or cabinet to in your house to store the silicone popcorn maker - there's enough space for it everywhere. The size of an unfolded popcorn maker: 5.7 x9.5 inches - big enough to cook enough popcorn for a small company.

Bonuses And Guarantee. Lifetime guarantee. Free set of stands for cups included in the kit! Serve your friends tasty popcorn and drinks and don't worry, your furniture will be reliably protected from getting wet if you use our stands.

Silicone Popcorn Maker and enjoy tasty snacks whenever you want.

What is the silicone microwave popcorn maker from Mr. & Mrs. Kitchen It is a silicone cup with a lid which allows popcorn to cook very quickly, without bursting out while popping.

We use high quality and absolutely safe food-grade silicone. The silicone is Bpa Pvc Free! The durable material lets you wash the microwavable popcorn maker in a dishwasher.

Save money, dont buy corn in microwave bags. Ensure popcorn quality by making it yourself.

Do you like your popcorn plain Or, maybe, you want sweet and/or salty popcorn Do you like buttery popcorn

Any type of popcorn can be made easily in just a few minutes using the silicone microwave popcorn maker.

How does it work Just put the corn up to the mark inside the cup. Place the lid on the corn, but dont press.

Put the silicone popcorn maker in a microwave oven for 2 2.5 minutes. Take out the bowl of popcorn and enjoy your snack. Attention! Be careful - the device can warm up in the microwave, and when opening the lid, dont forget that theres hot air inside.

The cup can be folded, so storing the silicone microwave popcorn maker is easy and convenient.

A gift from Mr. & Mrs. Kitchen! With the purchase of our popcorn maker, you will receive a beautiful set of bright, originally designed coasters for glasses. Invite your friends to watch a movie together or to just spend time and have some fun. Make the tastiest popcorn and drinks. Give everyone cool coasters for their cups and you can be sure that your furniture will stay clean and dry.

Lifetime guarantee.

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