Microwave Silicone Popcorn Popper - Collapsible Bowl with Handles

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Make The Most Delicious Popcorn At Your Own Home! Fast and Easy!

Why buy expensive popcorn bags of doubtful quality Make your own tasty popcorn using your microwave and the Laxinis World popcorn maker. Enjoy a healthier - oil-free if you like hot and fresh snack ready in just few minutes ready to eat, or serve your friends or family!

The Laxinis World popcorn Huge Bowl is made from High Quality Food grade Silicone so your popcorn will not get burned while it is in the microwave.

The Silicone is Pvc and Bpa free, smooth surface, will not let food particles and bacteria to settle. You can hand wash it or just put it in the Dishwasher.

It has 2 convenient handles you can easily grasp and remove the popcorn from the microwave with no fear to get your hands burned.

Easy Instructions:

Expand the popper

Remove the bowl lid.

Pour your popcorn kernels (up to the first line about a quarter cup of kernels to get a full bowl of popcorn)

Add salt according to your taste

Drop the lid

Put the bowl inside the microwave.

Set the microwave to 2 - 4 minutes (depends on the microwave power).

The popcorn will be ready when you hear pauses between the pops. When this happens take the bowl out of the microwave.

Enjoy yourHot and Fresh Popcorn!