Microwave Hot Air Popcorn, No Oil Necessary

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3 Qt. Micro-Pop Microwave Popcorn Popper

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Built it to fit in 99 of home microwaves. It's also dishwasher safe, making clean up hassle free.

USE And Care: Use the silicone lid to measure kernels, and if desired, for the melting and distribution of butter. Place in the microwave and heat for no longer than 3 minutes. When done, simply place our popcorn maker in the dishwasher

Includes (1) glass with red accents 3 Qt. Ecolution Kitchen Extras Microwave Popcorn Maker.

QUALITY Design: Designed with temperature safe glass and a wide mouth design for easy preparation and sharing, our popcorn maker is the ideal solution for making your favorite, healthy treat. Unlike packaged popcorn which can have added chemicals, our popcorn maker allows for safe snacks. No oil or butter is required to pop, but the convenient food safe silicone lid gives you the option to melt and add butter while the corn is popping. Plus, the wide mouth design makes preparation and sharing easy!

Measuring lid included

Easy to use Less than 3 minutes in microwave.

Uses no oil for healthy popcorn

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